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RABannerDonateNowIn the beginning.. 
In early 2003, we were in the midst of what Pope John Paul II declared The Year of the Rosary (Oct 2002-Oct 2003).

It was an amazing time for many Catholics, as interest in the Rosary was at a higher level than it had been for decades (pun intended).

With the introduction of the new Luminous Mysteries of the Rosary, the beautiful Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae, and countless new resources about the Rosary, people were falling in love with this timeless prayer all over again.

For us at Rosary Army, it seems nothing short of Providential that just a month before the announcement of the Year of the Rosary that we began our mission of making, praying, and giving away all-twine knotted Rosaries and encouraging others to do the same. In addition to this core mission which we’ve been devoted to since 2002, we have been blessed to branch out into many unexpected areas as lead by the Holy Spirit.

And we’re not the only ones to have been blessed by this apostolate.

Over the years, we’ve received thousands of emails like this one from Diana K., who testifies to the work made possible through your continuous prayers and support of Rosary Army. Diana wrote:

When I converted, one of the first things I found was the Rosary and your website. That was 3 years ago. Today, I am at Ave Maria University where every night we have a Rosary Walk. We walk our campus and recite the Rosary for the intentions of our Holy Father. Thank you for the great podcasts that helped me to find the wonders of Our Lord through Our Lady.

And our goal of teaching other people to not only pray the Rosary, but to make and give them away, also continues to flourish. Here’s another testimony from Bill R. in Lincoln, Nebraska:

I will not only offer you my prayers but my encouragement as well. You have done such a wonderful job in the past and for at least a year I kept looking for more from you.

I advertised last year in our bulletin for those interested in making knotted Rosaries and had 4 people respond. I couldn’t believe the response those four produced. They made rosaries, prayed rosaries with friends and families on the phone then exchanged the Rosaries they had made. I am certain that just the four of us have made 200+ Rosaries during the past year. We keep supplies in the church hall and during the past 4 weeks (October) have passed out rosary making kits with all of the supplies necessary to make the Rosaries in them. I hear feedback, “you know making those rosaries can be sort of addicting.”

You just plant little seeds or water the seeds that are already there and God will help provide the growth. Keep up the good work. There is a fire that is beginning to grow around this country. God bless. He wants this to grow & He will help you.

It is testimonies like these that illustrate just how vitally important this apostolate is to so many people, and how so many people have been blessed by Rosary Army.

One area where we’ve been blessed is that we made a promise to ourselves to always trust Jesus and Mary that we’d always have everything we need to continue this work. We also promised that we’d only ask for money if we truly needed it.

In fact, since Rosary Army’s inception in 2002, we’ve only conducted four fund drives. We’ve only asked for your help four times.

Would you consider helping us spread the love?
We will always desperately need your help to make sure Rosary Army can continue the important work in bringing people closer to Jesus and His mother through the making, praying, and giving away of all-twine knotted Rosaries, as well as through our various catechetical ministries such as our free multimedia offerings of That Catholic Show, Total Consecration, Downloadable Audio Rosaries, and our archive of over 250 other free audio programs.

Annually, Rosary Army needs $50,000 to operate efficiently. And this is a bare-bones operational budget that will just barely cover the costs of our storage, utilities, office equipment, administrative costs, shipping expenses to send thousands of Rosaries a year, employee compensation, as well as additional fees for legal, accounting, and consultancy needs.

Please help make a difference in this apostolate.  We need your continued support!

Ways to Donate
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Optionally, you can set up a monthly bill pay or one-time tax-deductible donation and send it to :

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Rosary Army is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and all of your donations are fully tax deductible. If you can help us by donating $20, $50, $100 or more (or any amount for that matter), it would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s a recap of some of the past and ongoing accomplishments of Rosary Army that your donations have helped to make possible over the years:

  • Continued to make freely available our Scriptural and Standard Rosary MP3s. These files alone have been FREELY downloaded over millions of times!
  • Increased the outreach of our That Catholic Show video series
  • Continue to make available an archive of nearly 250 episodes of the Rosary Army Catholic Podcast, as well as individual audio files regarding Natural Family Planning and Total Consecration to Jesus.
  • Conducted multiple workshops and talks at major Catholic conferences in multiple states and parishes and groups – including RA Workshops in the Netherlands and other countries.
  • Presented keynote speeches at the 2009 & 2013 Eucharistic Congresses in Atlanta, Georgia to more than 30,000 people, many of whom became new Rosary makers as a result
  • Rosary Army’s founders organized the first ever Catholic New Media Celebration, in cooperation with and other Catholic non-profit organizations, to expand Catholic new media outreach worldwide.
  • Directly distributed thousands and thousands of Rosaries via direct mailings, at conferences, at workshops, at other Catholic events.
    Supplied postage, packaging, marketing literature, and limited supplies for distribution of thousands of Rosaries worldwide
  • Been responsible for managing thousands of volunteer hours from people making Rosaries for others.
  • Worked with our Archdiocese to ensure RA is faithfully Catholic, and to help spread podcasting as a means of evangelization. We have received the blessing of the Archbishop on the RA apostolate, on our podcast, and on the work of That Catholic Show.

On top of all of this, there are multiple other activities in which Rosary Army plays an active role, including regularly offering free Catholic New Media consultation to other Catholic apostolates (including CatholicTV in Boston, Catholic Answers in California,, and in the US and Europe, in addition to several publications and other media outlets).

Please don’t wait. We need your help right away.

Thank you in advance for your ongoing support of Rosary Army. Click here to make your donation today.