Frequently Asked Questions

I want to make a knotted cross on my Rosary. Do you have instructions for doing this?

As pointed out by Pope John Paul II in his Apostolic Letter Rosarium Virginis Mariae: “Here the first thing to note is the way the beads converge upon the Crucifix, which both opens and closes the unfolding sequence of prayer. The life and prayer of believers is centered upon Christ. Everything begins from him, everything leads towards him, everything, through him, in the Holy Spirit, attains to the Father.” (36)

Because one of the primary reasons to pray the Rosary is to meditate on the life of Jesus Christ, we believe that looking at a Crucifix while praying helps us tremendously in our meditations. Therefore, we encourage Rosary makers to put actual metal Crucifixes on their Rosaries. We even offer to cover this expense for people who donate their Rosaries for us. Just make your Rosary except for the very last Our Father knot, and we’ll make that knot and add a Crucifix for you before sending your Rosary to someone who will put it to good use.

I don’t want to order a whole spool of twine. Can I get enough from you to just make a couple?

Rosary Army does not provide actual Rosary making supplies such as twine and Crucifixes. At this time, we offer to pay all shipping costs to send Rosaries to others, Crucifixes for unfinished Rosaries that are sent to us, all operational costs for Rosary Army and our website, as well as all of the Rosaries that we make and give away on our own. We can only afford these things through the generosity of people such as yourselves.

Are the Rosaries Really Free?

Yes, our Rosaries are really free. And yes, we’re aware that the same kind of Rosaries are sold for upwards of $16 online. Our goal is to get people to pray the Rosary. Plastic bead Rosaries are easy to find and are frequently given away in parishes, but there’s something unique about a knotted Rosary that draws people to it and makes people want to pray it. To us, that makes giving them away even more important. If the price of a nice Rosary is keeping you from praying it, then we want to remove that obstacle.  The only thing we ask for is help covering postage and Internet-related processing fees, but the Rosary itself is absolutely free.  Click here to get one online ($4.95 postage and processing applies), or to avoid shipping and handling, print out a form and mail it to us and we’ll get one to you that way.