RA #239 – Moving Out

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New StudioSaying goodbye to the cloffice and hello to the new studio, expensive paint chips, secrets we’ve been keeping for the past year, and heading to the doctor. A jam packed episode! 206-984-1899 for Feedback!

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  • Ronald Marks says:

    Looks very nice Greg & Jennifer, good job! But can you please keep on calling it ‘the cloffice’, sounds more ‘romantic’ 🙂

  • Adrianne says:

    Goodbye Cloffice! I’ll miss you!!! ::Whimper::

    But I’ll get over it because I’m so proud of you two : ) You guys deserve the upgrade!!

    PS: Oo great, play sad music! Make me cry why don’t you?! ; )

  • Bianca says:

    *sniffle* Goodbye, cloffice!!! I can’t wait for the news on the gender of the baby!!! I think I’m going to miss the cloffice, even if I was never there. Also, the new intro should be interesting! ^_^ I am so happy for you guys; I’m really happy that you got the opportunity with Sirius. I am a little disappointed that the podcasting has to be cut back on, but I do understand why.
    ( /)
    ( . .) <– it’s a rabbit for Greg!
    c(“) (“)

  • Valerie Ramsey says:

    What have you decided to do about the schools now that you are staying in Conyers? Wasn’t that one of the main reasons for looking into moving to Kansas City?

    Congratulations on the Sirius offer. I subscribe to Sirius so I will have to listen now. 🙂