RA Podcast #238 – Majorly Sirius News

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Sirius DogMixer is Still Broken, Travelling in Cincinnati and Kentucky, and Greg and Jennifer make a life-changing announcement. 206-984-1899 for Feedback!

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  • Jean-Rémy says:

    Congratulation you guys !
    It is very impressive, the quality of your show has paid of, and your prayers have been answered !
    Praise to God !
    Take care,

  • Jordan says:

    Very cool! Maybe Sirius will throw in for a new mixer…

  • angelapea says:

    Yahoo!! Congratulations on the new employment, the new healthcare coverage and the fabulous opportunity to evangelize the larger world!! I’m so proud of you!


  • Bill says:

    But…but…but…what about the podcasts? Ok, fine, I haven’t listened to #238 yet so maybe you guys are still going to do it. I sure do hope so. In the meantime, congratulations RA and praise God for yet another opportunity to spread the Word. YAY!

  • Leisa says:

    This is FANTASTIC news! God is great and this is truly a blessing. So many more people will be touched by your witness. Look what you have accomplished with the show (podcasts), SQPN, The Catholic Show, the blogs, etc. I can’t wait to see what an impact your 15 hours a week on Sirius will have on the world. I am so happy for you and your family. You Go Willits!

    My continued prayers,


  • Janice (DocJan) says:

    Congrats! I just bought a new car that came with Sirius and I was going to let it run out after the free trial, but this is enough for me to pay for the subscription…..especially since I’m on the road a lot and should be able to listen often.

  • Please go to my blog and I am sorry for the way i feel but I wish you well
    blessing and prayer

  • Luis Escobar says:

    Congratulations guys! That is soooo awesome!

  • Craig L. says:

    That is fantastic news!!! Congratulations. Hopefully, you will be able to find a way to release portions of the show as podcasts like Dave Ramsey for us non-Sirius subscribers.

  • Jason says:

    Thanks for this show guys!

    The whole point of this show “Trust in God” was just what I needed right now. I’ll post on my blog soon what I mean by this (first I need to talk to my wife about it).

    Would be great if in the show notes you could point me to the other episodes you mention the “big shows” so I can re-listen to them.

    Oh and good look with the radio show, shame we can’t get it here in the UK but maybe someday!