RA Podcast #228 – God in the Bedroom

NFP ChartMore LOL and OK, Excited About Faith, Priesthood Discernment, Trip to North Carolina, Love and Marriage, and Jumping Back Into Natural Family Planning. 206-984-1899 for Feedback!

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2 responses to “RA Podcast #228 – God in the Bedroom”

  1. Terry says:

    Part Two: Program just doesn’t fit. Perhaps its just me, though.

    “Rosary Army with Greg and Jennifer”- That’s my official vote, for what it’s worth.

    I think throwing Rosary and Catholic together is slightly redundant, in a sense.

  2. Liraco says:

    Definitely found the talk on NFP to be quite interesting and would like to hear more sometime soon. Great show as always, hopefully sometime soon I’ll have the time to start going back through the archives.

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