RA Podcast #213 – Like a Train Wreck

How’s the Training Going?, Ninja Warrior!, New stuff on website, Answer the Poll, Rosary Army Rewind #2, and Living Out Your Faith. 206-984-1899 to leave feedback!

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Music from this episode was “Runaway” by Adam Woodall Band from music.podshow.com
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3 responses to “RA Podcast #213 – Like a Train Wreck”

  1. Jeff says:

    The rewind was great. I’m actually doing my own rewind right now, listening to some of the earlier episodes, as I’m a fairly new listener. I listen to the new episodes as they come out, but then I go back and listen to them in order. Unfortunately, my life is so busy that I’ll probably never get to them all. So thanks for the rewind!

    But you guys need to stop watching so much TV! Ninja Warrior? Are you serious? That will never be as cool as the Laff-A-Lympics!

  2. I like the graphic. Can’t really count how many times we have had a wooden or other train wreck. Thanks also for the song again I heard it on a Phedip, or Extra Mile podcast ,but was on the road and forgot to look it up. I am enjoying the rewinds, it reminds me of the contests to ‘name the song’. maybe a contest for a free RA goody for the first one to post the shows the clips are from would be cool.


  3. Lora says:

    I was interested in your discussion about finding time for prayer. Since my conversion, one special grace that I have received is waking giving praise to God. By this I mean, that I think of our Lord and thank him immediately upon waking. I also was drawn to daily mass. At first I went only a few times a week thinking that I really didn’t have the time, but then I quickly realized that I wouldn’t want to miss the other days.

    I work full-time, but have a flexible schedule which makes this possible for me. I’ve noticed that by putting God first, the time I had for everything else was more fruitful and productive, enabling me to accomplish the same amount of stuff or more than before, and still having time for daily mass, prayer, listening to Catholic podcasts. It’s just like tithing: Give and it will be given to you.

    Every day, I ask our Lord to multiply my time and to make it possible for me to have some time just for Him. It’s a prayer that is always answered. So, for those who are having trouble finding the time to pray, simply ask our Lord to help you. Seek and you shall find, right?

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