RA Podcast #209 – There’s a Popple in Our Cloffice

There’s a Popple in Our ClofficeDan and Kyle from Popple join us in the Cloffice for a live recording. Discussion about Lent, Prayer, Peanut Butter, and other fun. 206-984-1899 to leave feedback!

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Music in this episode was provided by our good friends from Popple.us.

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One response to “RA Podcast #209 – There’s a Popple in Our Cloffice”

  1. Bob Bartman says:

    Thank you (all 4 of you) for a very entertaining podcast. I also managed to learn a few things more serious than the way Jennifer looks during your intro sequence. However, I’m not sure you recorded RA #209 in the cloffice because I didn’t see any clothing racks.

    Jennifer, do you usually use the mike I saw in your hand during this podcast when you and Greg are by yourself? It reminded me of a large, maybe even huge, compact.

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