RA Podcast #168: It’s a Gift


In this episode of the Rosary Army Catholic Podcast: A Better Way to Listen to Podcasts, Running and Your Mood, Meditations from Carmel, The Anchor Hold, Transubstantiation, A New Vocation?, Confession, and Lots of Stuff About Water. 206-984-1899 for feedback!

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One response to “RA Podcast #168: It’s a Gift”

  1. Adrianne says:

    I’ve gotta agree with Greg on the Baptism and the family possibly being teed off, and then the procession of strangers to come trace a Cross on the baby’s forehead … Being an acolyte I’ve seen a lot of Baptisms and for the family of the baby this is their special moment, they don’t appear to like when all the kids from the parish are stepping into their special moment. With that being said, being an altar minister when there is a Baptism I make sure the new altar servers get the best view of the Baptism.


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