RA Podcast #95: Daily Rosary Breakfast Army

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In this episode of the Rosary Army Catholic Podcast: Father Roderick returns to the cloffice! Podcast Expo, New Friends, New Plans, New Stuff.

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Free Hugs Video

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2 responses to “RA Podcast #95: Daily Rosary Breakfast Army”

  1. Bob says:

    WOW the cloffice looks like ailans landed. pun intended.

  2. Rhondie4ever says:

    What an entertaining episode! Greg and Father Roderick were awesome playing off each other’s silliness! I loved the “DJ voices!” A few years ago the Dave Matthews Band made a music video with a large guy with funny glasses and a red baseball hat walking around asking for hugs. It had a similar affect as the Youtube video. At first people declined and then they started grabbing him for hugs playfully! I don’t remember the name of the song but the chorus went something like “What we want is, what we need is loooove…”

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