RA Podcast #92: Wuv…True Wuv.

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In this episode of the Rosary Army Catholic Podcast: 11 Years of Marriage, Dog Shopping, Kid Sports, Listener Hook Up, Struggles with Prayer, On the U Podcast, Airmail Mixup, and leave a Review on iTunes!

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2 responses to “RA Podcast #92: Wuv…True Wuv.”

  1. Anonymous says:

    Whoa…, is that the guy from Top Gun in that picture with Jennifer? You know Tom Cruise’s sidekick, “Goose”? Just kidding, keep up the awesome podcasting and I’m glad you two are back from your R&R!WillTallahassee, Fl

  2. Jack Evans says:

    Hi guys,a comment about the dog. I have had dogs all my life and I can’t imagine not having one. When I was growing up, we always had german shepards, very gentle and very good with kids. When I was choosing for my own kids, we got a sheltie. This is the very best dog that I have ever had. Smart! Too smart? She knows the english language better than my kids and she behaves wonderfully. She has tons of energy (too much for some) and I would recommend her to anyone with a rambunctious family. She is so gentle with the kids and other animals, but yet, she is a working dog and can be busy all day and not complain. I would stay away from terriors or sporting breeds and stay with the working dogs (my opinion). Of course, dogs take some training and some patients on your part, but this sheltie is almost self training. My dad has a pekinese which is a kid biter and very hard to train and my mom has a Lhapso Apso that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. But, any working breed can usually be easily trained and makes a great family friend. I do have a friend who has an Australian Shepard and his dog has sent him to the ER a couple of times, so I wouldn’t recommend them, but it might be his dog and not the norm. It is worth doing the obedience training at your local petsmart or like store. You will have a better companion for the next fifteen or so years.Best of luck,jack

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