RA Podcast #66: Over the Hedge Othercott!

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In this episode of the Rosary Army Catholic Podcast: Video stuff, Wanted Rosaries, Over the Hedge Othercott, Focusing on other people, Toe Photos, and an unexpected housing situation.

Links mentioned in this episode:
Episode #66 Video Simulcast (190 MG file) – Requires iTunes or Quicktime to View
Skip Da Vinci – Go see Over the Hedge

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3 responses to “RA Podcast #66: Over the Hedge Othercott!”

  1. BC says:

    Has anyone besides me noticed that Fed Ex seems to have all female drivers amd UPS has all male drivers???

  2. david says:

    No. In VA both use mostly men.

  3. Hugo Villegas says:

    Greg & Jennifer,absolutely much better with video. May I suggest to put the camera on a tripod and in front of you at eyes levels so you both can be seen in a better position?Thank you for your great Podcast.

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