RA Podcast #58: Compendiumized!

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In this episode of the Rosary Army Catholic Podcast: The Return of Captain Catechism, The Compendium of the Catechism of the Catholic Church, Inside Out, St. Louis De Montfort Novel, Quick Moving Update, and Entering into Holy Week.

Websites and podcasts mentioned in this episode:
Compendium of the Catechism at Amazon.com
St. Louis De Montfort by Mary Fabyan Windeatt at Amazon.com
Inside Out Podcast
Going Fourth Podcast
Catholic Rockers Podcast
Verbum Domini
12 of 12

Also, I totally forgot to give a tip of the hat to Fr. Shane Tharp from Catholic Ragemonkey whose quest for his Compendium planted a seed in my head for this episode. Thanks for the inspiration, Father!

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3 responses to “RA Podcast #58: Compendiumized!”

  1. alex from wa says:

    YAY! Capt. Cathecism and Mary Medal are back! Did anyone remind Fr. Roderick about the 12 of 12? God Bless you all and I’ll be praying for you/Wanda’s home situations.Pax vobiscum…

  2. ericballinger says:

    This is so wierd. I tried to listen to episode #58 and I ended upo with the MacCast. It had your tags, but they were talking about computers. I think Steve Jobs is up to something.

  3. Greg says:

    Eric,I thought for sure you pressed a wrong button or something, and then I just saw this notice over on the website for the company that hosts our podcasts:”Monday BumpsWe experienced a couple of bugs this monday related to upgrades to the system. Early this morning the system was timing out and delivering 404s on some requests. A bug was discovered later in the day where some file redirects were delivering the files of other libsyn users. We have since restored things to normal and will work to make sure these problems are prevented in the future.”So I wonder if that means that MacCast listeners were hearing Rosary Army???

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