Ready to Donate Your Rosaries?

The goal of Rosary Army is to freely give one knotted Rosary to each household in the United States.  We Make Them. Pray Them. Give Them Away.

If you’re ready to send us your finished knotted Rosaries, click here for a Rosary Donation Form. Print it out, fill in the requested information, put it in an envelope, and mail it to us with your Rosaries to:

New Evangelizers, Inc.
P.O. Box 39
Roanoke, IN 46783

Please submit only all-twine knotted rosaries with metal Crucifixes attached.  As of 1/1/16, no other kind of rosary variety can be accepted, processed and distributed by Rosary Army at this time.  Thank you.

We ask when submitting Rosaries that you first read through our policies:

  1. Rosaries must be knotted and made with #36 twine/cord as described in our “How to Make Them” instructions.
  2. In order to receive the FULL value on your donated rosary tax receipt, the completed rosaries must have ALL the following characteristics:
    1. be no more than 23 inches in length (including the length of the crucifix) when laid out straight. If you have too much space between the Hail Mary knots, your rosary will be too long. The key is to have no more than 1/8″ inch space between each knot. As stated in the instructions, the knots must be made very tightly; and
    2. have the correct number of knots; and
    3. have no misaligned or crooked knots. A correctly tied knot should look neat and tight. If the knot gets bungled up in the twisting process, please re-do the knot.
  3. If submitted rosaries do not conform to all of the above-stated requirements, the rosaries will receive a half-value on your donated tax receipt rate.
  4. Please bind your rosaries with twine or wrap in paper when prepping them for mailing to our organization. Please do not bag them individually as it slows down the inspection process.
  5. Rosaries must be submitted with the accompanying Submission Form and sent to the address on the form.
  6. All Rosaries become the property of New Evangelizers, Inc. d/b/a/ Rosary Army Corp. for us to distribute freely to those who request one. New Evangelizers, Inc. d/b/a Rosary Army Corp. will never retain money or seek profit from the sale of Rosaries. Our motto is Make Them, Pray Them, and Give Them Away.

Rosary Donation Form (PDF)

The Rosary donation form requires Adobe Acrobat reader. If you cannot print the form, then please send a letter to us at the address before, stating that you agree to all the terms outlined above, along with the color you would like (based on availability).